• ** ALWAYS Read REVIEWS Prior to major Purchases **


We have built our reputation on providing outstanding reconditioned stern drives and first rate service.  Here are some of the most commonly asked questions.

remaned stern drives

We fully Inspect and Test Stern Drives before shipping!

Frequently Asked Questions:


  •                                                                  ** ALWAYS Read REVIEWS Prior to major Purchases **

NOTE – Due to extremely heavy call volume this season we are encouraging you to purchase your drive unit on our secure website via credit card to speed up the process of obtaining your rebuilt drive.  Then, a marine tech will contact you to obtain  all the remaining details. Please fill in all contact information when you order. 

Question: What is the quality of the stern drives?

Answer: All Premium Re-manufactured stern drives are assembled with new OEM gears & bearings, and new or reconditioned housings and shafts. We restore the drive to virtually new appearance including paint and logos.  These are FULLY remanned Drives!

Question: How do you find out my configuration and gear ratio?

Answer: Once you complete the sale online:  One of our qualified Marine Engine Technicians will contact you to ask you specific questions regarding your drive unit and marine engine. Including year, confirm model, and the other required information. This marine Technician will answer or assist with shipping logistics, and any other questions you have.  Our drives are custom configured for each buyer.

Question: When does FREE SHIPPING APPLY ?

Answer: We will provide FREE shipping to the continental United States.  Please call for quotes on all other shipping.

Overseas shipping: All foreign orders have a special service fee of $350 as the result of paperwork, special packaging/handling of stern drives.  Send us a message to get a quote on shipping costs.  We do not accept paypal on overseas orders due to indirect banking.

Question: Who pays for the Return Core Shipping ?

Answer: We provide FREE Return shipping of the CORE to those in the Continental United States.

Question: What Payments do you accept?

Answer: First be assured we use a highly stable SSL secured server for online transactions: Offering Credit Card or Paypal as options.  Credit Cards We accepted: Visa, Master Card, Discover,  and via Paypal: Paypal & Bill Me Later.   You can pay by Check but must send a Certified Bank Check using FedX to ensure arrival and tracking.  All personal and business checks will have to clear prior to starting your order.

Question: How do the drives come?

Answer: Drive units are ready to install and come with all of the required mounting kits and gaskets.

Question: Do you offer just the upper or lower  out drive?

Question: How do I know if  I need a full unit vs. Just an upper or lower Drive?

          Answer: These questions are answered here as they require a very detailed answer CLICK HERE for complete answers.

Question: Where do you ship?

Answer: We have shipped throughout the United States, and even overseas. We may need additional time to quote you a shipping price if you are not in the continental United States. Call for shipping outside the continental United States.

Question: What is the typical turnaround time?

Answer: In many cases, we may be able to ship in 2 to 3 days following the 24 hour final QC test. But, factors such as model and season can affect turnaround times. We make every effort to ship quickly but our clients say we are significantly faster then most marinas/marine mechanics.

Question: What is your return policy?

Answer: Visit – Return Policy  Click here 

Question: What is the warranty?

Answer: Visit – Warranty page Click here  – which is also listed on the product page.

Question: What is a CORE DEPOSIT

Answer: Visit – Core Deposit Information   – which is also listed on the product page of the Core Deposit. 

The Core Deposit is the deposit for you returning

Question:  Who is the Owner of the Business Known as “PowerBoatLimited”

The business information can be found here – PowerBoatLimited


                                           ** ALWAYS Read REVIEWS Prior to major Purchases **



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