Sterndrive remanufactured Warranty Coverage

Warranty Coverage

Remanufactured Sterndrive Assemblies


12 Months Recreational Use, 90 Days Commercial Use Limited Warranty


We warrant that our remanufactured products have been remanufactured/ reconditioned free from defects in materials and workmanship.


This warranty extends to the original purchaser commencing upon date of installation and transferable to subsequent owners of the same remanufactured product for a period of 12 months for non-commercial applications and 90 days for commercial use.


A completed warranty registration card, supplied by us, the remanufacturer, must be returned to us, the remanufacturer, by the purchaser and revised upon transfer of our product.    


This warranty, for obvious reasons, does not  cover any product that has been subject to rust or corrosion, alteration or modification, accident, neglect (I.e. lack of lubrication), misuse, or alteration or removal of model or serial numbers. All products submitted for a warranty claim must have been properly installed, operated, and maintained, and not used other than that which has been expressly recommended.  Disassembly of any remanufactured product without prior approval will void your warranty claim.


The claimant must provide a valid invoice, or service ticket, which identifies the part and/or accessories with serial number and model number, including boat and engine model and serial number. Also purchaser’s name and address, whether part was installed by a Qualified mechanic/technician, or by the purchaser, and the suspected reason for the failure of the part. We will then complete a Warranty Claim form and issue a Return Authorization Number. You must affix the Return Authorization Number to the outside of the box you return your product in. Upon receipt of the product we will correct the problem or notify you of any problems and the product will be returned to you FREIGHT PAID, if in our judgment the warranty is approved. Any product remanufactured by PowerBoatLimited and found in the reasonable judgment of PowerBoatLimited to be defective materials and/or workmanship will be repaired or replaced by PowerBoatLimited without cost for any parts or labor, We the Remanufacturer, limit the obligations under this warranty to the repair or replacement (our option)) of the defective part(s). We further reserve the right to repair, replace, or have repaired (our option) any parts that are damaged as a result of defects as a result of defects in material or workmanship at $65 per hour (Labor charge). Reimbursement for shipping of returns will be at Ground Service prices ONLY. Any products, which are sent back, without a Return Authorization Number, will automatically be sent back to sender FREIGHT COLLECT, no exceptions.


Any warranty implied by law is limited to the duration of this warranty. We the Remanufacturer, shall not be liable for any incidental or consequential damages for breach of any express or implied warranty relating to the products other than those provided herein.


This warranty is in lieu of any other warranty. There are no obligations or liabilities on part of us, the Remanufacturer, PowerBoatLimited, or any other party, other than those stated herein and this shall serve as the claimant’s exclusive remedy.


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