Core Deposit Terms and Conditions

All Stern Drives / Outdrive are required to have a standard Core Charge Paid as part of the purchase process.


You have 15 Days to return the old out drive.

Our core program is not a requirement for the purchase of a selected product, however, this is for customers whom wish to receive credit for the unit that is non-useable. This is the basic guidelines for returned cores. * CORES MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 15 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF PRODUCT * * Each core that is received by us is evaluated to assess its value as a core. * The condition and usability of the parts determine the value of the core. * All parts must be in the core regardless of condition. Missing parts will be charged at 50% of the core value. * The core returned must match the product purchased. * We will pay the freight on a core that is shipped from anywhere in the United States excluding Alaska and Hawaii. * A return shipping label will be included with every product that requires a core deposit. * Simply place your core in the original box and place the label on your package. * Call a toll free number on the label for prompt pick-up. * Please be sure that you include a copy of your purchase invoice with your core return. * The core deposit refund will be mailed to the address as it appears on the invoice unless otherwise notified in writing. * CORE REFUNDS ARE ISSUED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF RECEIPT OF YOUR CORE RETURN * HOW WE EVALUATE WHAT YOUR CORE IS WORTH? * A gear housing assembly core consists of three key components in the Evaluation of core purchasing. * The three components are the housing, the vertical drive shaft, and the horizontal prop-shaft. * A defective-free housing represents 50% of the core value. * A good driveshaft represents about 25% of the core value. * A good prop shaft represents about 25% of the core value. * If one or more key components of the unit are determined to be Non-useable the core deposit refund will be adjusted to reflect the changes in value. * If all components were judged to be reusable the full core deposit amount would be returned within 30 days. * We guarantee that your core deposit shall be refunded to you On the following terms: The core and all of the associated parts (as defined by a checklist that will accompany the new unit) are returned to us within 15 days of receipt of the new unit The physical condition of each of the components of the core does not Matter as long as all of the parts are present. The value of the core is assessed based on usability. A proportional value up to 100% depending on core checklist factors.