Lowers or Upper unit outdrives

FAQ – Do you offer upper or lower drive units individually ?

If after you read this page and still feel you only need an individual Upper Unit or Lower Unit for your drive system then we ask you to call us.

(Ask For Stephen our senior Marine tech) at 1-800-969-0688 who will discuss your specific drive issues.

Note: We will not offer them randomly offer on our site upper or lowers  as this is not doing a service for a majority of our customers.

How can I determine if I need just the Upper or Lower vs. a full unit.

The only way to truly know is to completely tear down the full unit, unfortunately.  Therefore, if your going to go that far anyway, it is logical to take the steps to re-build the drive properly.  This is a time consuming process by any marine technician and often repair centers have back logs.  In our case we send you a re-manufactured drive that has been re-built from the case-up already allowing you go get back on the water faster.

Upper and Lower Failures

Our technicians  frequently speak with individuals who are calling us for a 2nd drive system. As they may have had a repair center replace or repair the upper or lower units. spending thousand of dollars believing they  saved money, only to have it failed again and virtually never have a warranty. Why is this? Because, there was concealed damage in the drive system. It was believed that only one part of the system was effected by the original drive failure.  Then when they re-assemble the drive system, and put it out into operation the drive fails again. You may wonder how often does this actually happen? We have heard this so often  “we conservatively say” in excess of 65% of the time in the first season on the water depending on running hours, and upwards of 95% by the second season.  Or, the drive, may simple not perform as it should and slowly go bad again.