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remanned stern drives

Sunday, March 16th, 2014

Remanned drives Rebuilt from the case-up

All Gear Ratios Available

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note: This item requires a CORE CHARGE DEPOSIT As part your out drive purchase. You will be prompted at Check-Out to add the Core Charge deposit. Your order will not be processed until this deposit is paid.


Remanned Stern drives. Which is a professional re-manufactured outdrives from the case up with OEM parts or equivalent where required.Install a remanufactured  stern drive from PowerBoatLimited.  The PBL remanufactured stern drives are built to precise tolerances from the case-up and come with a great warranty.   Our Outdrives are generally in stock for quick availability; while also saving you money over the cost of a new drive.

Read The Warranty Click Here
If you have any questions about our sterndrives please take a moment and contact us as we are happy to answer any questions about our drives you may have.

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